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Meet The Women: Diana Nicholson

Meet The Women: Diana Nicholson

Welcome to the first installment of our Meet The Women series where we highlight an exemplary woman who is living her best non-toxic life. There's no better woman to get things started than Vibrant Body Company's Global Brand Ambassador, Diana Nicholson.

Diana has approached life in the most inspirational way. A former top model and actress, Diana walked away from it and followed her passion... Health. Today she is a certified health coach, wellness editor, fitness expert and the owner of  Malibu Beach Pilates -- she keeps a bevy of actors, CEOs and models in tip-top shape. 

We're inspired by Diana. She is the embodiment of consciousness and healthy living -- in a way that makes us say "Tell us your secrets!". So here we are, bringing you the skinny on how Diana nurtures her own Non-Toxic glow.

1. What inspired you to create Malibu Beach Pilates?

What inspired me was having the opportunity to help people get stronger. It's a privilege to witness. 

2. What is something you have learned about yourself in the last year? 

I've learned that dwelling on past mistakes and worrying about the future is a total waste of my time. Better to focus on how to be the best wife, mother, friend, and human I can be right here and now. 

3. What is your daily mantra?

I have a few... #1 SMILE, a smile is the kindest gift... it makes people feel safe and secure. #2 Time heals all wounds, so let it go. #3 Do unto others as you would have done unto you. #4 The best is yet to come!

4. As a health and wellness expert and Vibrant Body Company’s Global Brand Ambassador, you have the ability to touch the lives of many women, what is something you try to instill in your clients and women you meet?

Confidence... I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, but nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. That's probably why I love teaching so much... the stronger my clients get the more confident they become. 

5. What is a toxic habit you have that you are trying to get rid of?

Besides having a weakness for pizza? Something I've been working on is taking the time to play. It's great to work hard if you can balance it with rest and play!  

6. What is one thing you would tell your 20-year-old self?

Great question! I would say: Be present, trust your instincts, material things don't bring you happiness people do. Believe in your dreams. Give your husband, children and family your undivided attention, they need you.

7. What is something that recently moved you?

Simple things move me. For example: When my husband makes the bed, a friend brews a cup of tea especially for me, or my daughter making a special mother's day brunch. I notice and acknowledge the love that goes into every gesture. I'm so grateful for those moments.

8. What are you doing to make the world less toxic?

I became a Health Coach so I could confidently inform friends, family and clients on how to live a more healthful life. Food, beauty products, clothing, cleaning solutions...etc. Our choices matter, not only for our personal health but the decisions we make now will impact generations to come. 

9. As mentioned, you are the global brand ambassador for Vibrant Body Company. What drew you to the company itself and why did you want to take on the responsibility of the GBA?

Vibrant Body Company is a company that was created out of love and it has a soul. I remember when Michael tragically lost a friend to breast cancer. His dream was to create a bra that was wireless and would be less harmful to a woman's body. The first time I tried the Vibrant bra on I knew I wanted to be a part of this company. I almost cried with happiness because what I felt and what I saw in the mirror made me feel good about my body. I felt confident because there were no toxins no wires and I felt sexy. It doesn't get better than that. Every woman should be wearing one!

10. What is your most favorite thing about the Vibrant Bra?

I love that its so comfortable I never feel like I have to take it off.

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