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Don’t Miss Your Detox Bath

Don’t Miss Your Detox Bath

It would be easy to say baths are for babies (cutest thing ever) or that you just don’t have time. But you really should be taking a bath on a regular basis. Beyond the fact that it's just a little bit of Heaven in your own home — the peace, the relaxation, the pampering - a hot bath is a powerful detox tool. 

Every day our bodies are exposed to endless chemicals. Plastic byproducts, phthalates (which create hormone disrupting xenoestrogens) are in your carpet, mattress, bra and receipt from the grocery store. Pesticides are in our foods, we breathe in nasties from our non-stick cookware and conventional makeup is laden in everything from mineral oil to formaldehyde.

Don’t go run and hide (you can’t… Unless you go “off grid” someplace like New Mexico). It’s just time to make smarter, more intentional choices — and do some damage control.

The beauty of a bath.
A detox bath is an easy and relaxing way to help your body open up and release some of the dirt, chemicals and toxins you’ve absorbed. Plus, it’s a good break for your mind, likely helping reduce cortisol and improve sleep. 

The hot water and steam from a bath relax your muscles and open your pores, allowing your skin to purge. The heat also aids in circulating, getting your lymphatic system flowing, which is how your organs and cells eliminate toxins and waste. The whole experience also calms your endocrine system, helping your hormones find balance. 

How to make a bath a powerful detoxifier:
A simple soak in hot water is a great start, but by adding minerals and essential oils your bath gets a boost in its abilities to flush impurities.

It’s a pretty easy setup. Fill up your tub with hot water, ditch your devices, light a candle, maybe add some music and then soak. Try staying in for 45-60 minutes. This gives you time to detox and absorb the good stuff you add to the tub. 

When you’re done, get out with ease (some people get lightheaded after a detox bath) and give yourself a caring rubdown with a natural oil, like almond or jojoba. Aim for a detox bath every week, set aside the time and savor it. Here are our current faves for amping up our detox baths:

1) Good old Epsom salt - Add 1-2 cups of Epson salt and 4-6 drops of a calming essential oil. Epson salt is loaded with magnesium which becomes depleted with exposure to chemicals and stress. Magnesium also is powerful in helping relax muscles. Right now, we’re loving frankincense oil, which helps clear your mind and ease anxiety. 

2) Mustard bath — Mustard baths have been used for centuries in England, especially on the onset of illness. They help relieve not just stress, but cold and flu symptoms. On the detox front, mustard helps stimulate your sweat glands, which helps your body release toxins. Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath is cheap, easy and available at Whole Foods.

3) Pursoma bath soaks — These are next level. To help herself recover from an ovarian cyst and PTSD, the founder of Pursoma, Shannon Vaughn, went on a detox mission. Out of that, she’s developed Pursoma soaks. These bath packets are 100% organic and are super powerful, life-changing detoxifiers. Our favorite is the super intense Minerals De Mer

Don’t panic about toxins. Be thoughtful, and then take a bath (for starters). 


Some of the products we love for bath time:

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