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5 Reasons To Ditch Underwire

5 Reasons To Ditch Underwire

There’s plenty of debate about whether or not underwire is harmful. Our position is that women have never been informed that there’s even a possibility of harm, or that they have other options. While we believe that it’s always better to be unrestricted, the key is learning about your body and it’s systems (like your lymphatic system). We want to change the conversation around breast health, bras and sexiness. 

Here’s a place to start — a few reasons why you should consider ditching the underwire.

1. The Poking
If you’ve ever worn an underwire bra, you’ve been poked and pinched by the wire. It’s annoying, and it makes you want to ditch your bra on the spot. Underwire easily pokes through its fabric casing. Sometimes the pokes are annoying, but occasionally, they go deep and make you truly sore. Who needs poking?

2. Your Lymph System
Underwire restricts your breast tissue. There’s no way around it, it presses against sensitive areas and inhibits movement. Specifically, underwire has been shown to disrupt lymphatic drainage — which in turn traps toxins in the breast tissue. 85 percent of the lymph fluid flowing from the breast drains to the armpit lymph nodes, easily impede this flow.

Underwire stops your natural flow in delicate and sensitive areas. This restriction has been linked (and de-linked and re-linked) fatty tumors, cysts and even breast cancer. 

3. Poor Fit & Discomfort
Underwire bras need to be fitted perfectly — okay, all bras should be well-fitted. But with underwire, when the fit is off, the underwire uncomfortably presses against breast tissue. This is the conundrum that leads to the poking and lymph restricting, but it is also the cause of cups riding up, straps slipping and overly tight bands, all of which make wearing an underwire bra totally uncomfortable. 

4. High Maintenance
You never wash your underwire bras. You're definitely supposed to hand wash them (really, hand wash most any type of bra).  For underwire bras in particular, if you skimp and throw it in the washing machine, it’s very easy for the wire to push out of its casing. After this, you’re either wearing a super uncomfortable bra or you’re out your favorite bra. Underwire can’t take much rustle and bustle. This goes beyond the wash, underwire can be easily bent and misshapen. 

5. Underwire Bras & T-Shirts Don’t Mix
Even though so many are billed as T-Shirt bras, traditional underwire bras look like contraptions under your favorite white tee. You can see the underwire casing and ill-fitting portions of the bra and all the places the bra cuts in and restricts you. A great fitting, smooth and wire-free bra looks so much better on t-shirt days.

The health reasons are the most compelling, but altogether, there are plenty of reasons to go wire-free. Our recommendation, of course, The Vibrant Bra

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