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How To Care For Your Bra (The Non-Toxic Way)

How To Care For Your Bra (The Non-Toxic Way)

You found your favorite bra (by Vibrant, of course) and wear it everyday. After a few wears it may be time for a wash. Thankfully it's socially acceptable to wear a bra more than once before washing (whose counting?!). When it is time to wash your bra, make sure you are following the care instructions on the label. For best results, always hand wash.

Here's how we like to wash our most favorite bra:

For starters, I like to use a clean sink filled with cool or cold water. Long periods of exposure to hot water can do damage to the material. 

Add a very small amount of detergent. How small? A teaspoon of a non-toxic detergent should be able to do the job without leaving a soapy residue after rinsing. See our recommendations for non-toxic detergents below

Place the bra in the sink, and using your hands to create pumping motion, press up and down to fully submerge it, gently.

Repeat the gentle pumping motion for a minute or so and then leave the bra to soak in the tub for 10-15 minutes. 

Lastly, drain the water completely and let cool water run over the bra to rinse. 

DO NOT RING your bra to dry. You can gently squeeze the bra to remove excess water but I repeat, DO! NOT! RING! TO! DRY! This can do damage to the delicate fabric and cups. 

Lastly you can either lay the bra on a towel to dry or hang the bra by the center gore (the part that attaches the two cups in the middle). Hanging by the straps can cause the straps to stretch due to the weight of the wet bra. No bueno.

Non-Toxic Detergents

The detergent you use to get your clothes clean is full of toxins and chemicals that can cause skin irritation and even asthma. Avoid that nonsense with a non-toxic detergent like the ones below:

It may be more time consuming to hand wash your bra but after spending a good amount of money on a bra, the last thing you want is to destroy it in a machine. 

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