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What The F Are Lymphs?

What The F Are Lymphs?

Well, not "lymphs" (and not nymphs) but your lymphatic system. Five minutes ago I polled the room and nobody I asked knew one thing about their lymphatic systems. That's crazy talk. It's an amazing system, keeping you healthy and in perfect balance. We could talk for hours about it, but I don't want to totally blow your mind. So, for brevity, here are six key things to know about your lymphatic system. Memorize...there will be a quiz.

1) The lymphatic system does double duty

It's responsible for removing toxins from your organs and tissues as well as delivering nutrients. Think of it like a garbage man that moonlights as your Fresh Direct drop-off.

2) A system in another system

Beyond its own responsibilities, your lymphatic system supports your immune system. It produces white blood cells, maintains fluid levels and fights infections.

3) A purpose for weird organs

Nodes (lymph nodes), tonsils, the spleen, the thymus and the adenoids are all included in the lymphatic system.

4) You have to move it move it

Your lymphatic system is similar to your circulatory system in that it moves throughout your body. But, your lymphatic system doesn't have a big muscular pump (your heart) to pump it all around. YOU have to do the pumping. You do this through exercise. Good for the lymph: walking, rebounding (you know, trampolines!) and yoga.

5) Another reason to down H2O

Our bodies are mostly water, so you already know you need to drink a lot of it, but hydration also helps with efficient lymph drainage. When you don't drain well, your system gets stagnant and clogged, which can lead to inflammation and disease.

6) Keep it clean

Your lymphatic system is particularly sensitive to harsh chemicals, endocrine disruptors and other toxins found in skin care products. These toxins reduce the systems ability to detox effectively. Using clean beauty products and wearing non-toxic clothing support a healthy lymphatic system.

There's much more to it, but know what it does and give yourself a pat on the back for the exercise you're already doing and that huge water bottle you downed earlier. And then look closer at what you put on your body because what's on you is in you.

(Shameless place to tell you to check out the Vibrant Bra. Do it.)

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