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Spring Clean Your Beauty

Spring Clean Your Beauty

Let's take spring cleaning to the next level this year by cleaning up our skincare and beauty routines. Our skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs nearly everything that you put on it. The chemicals in our lotions, scrubs, clothing and makeup make their way into our tissues and bloodstream and have been linked to everything from cancer to autoimmune disorders.

In Europe, there's a list of 1,300 banned ingredients that apply to skin care, beauty products and even apparel. In America, the list is a mere 11, and nothing has been added to the list since 1938.

Since regulations are lacking, the burden is on you to make sure you're comfortable with the ingredients you put on your body. Luckily, clean beauty is hot right now. It's no longer just aloe vera and goat's milk (which, by the way, are both great)—clean beauty products have gone lux. They look and work as good as (or even better than) their toxic counterparts.

Below is a roundup of our favorites, all pure, good-for-you goodness.

Moisturized Perfectly

Dry skin is the worst. So is oil slick skin. Using natural oils like coconut, rose hip and jojoba, these options find balance and gently care for your skin. And, each of these options have cult-like followings.

A Better Body

What's on you is in you (as Vibrant Body Company likes to say). Body washes and lotions full of chemicals leech some pretty bad stuff into you. The good news? There are luxurious body options that give you the same glow.

A Bright Red Lip

Just because you're going green, doesn't mean you can't rock the perfect red. Traditional lipstick is loaded with everything from lead to petroleum. These alternatives keep it hot and clean at the same time.

All The Makeup

Lips are the just the start—every bit of makeup has a cleaner alternative. Luxe lines from RMS, W3LL People, Tata Harper, Juice Beauty and The Honesty Company will make you wonder why you didn't switch sooner.

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