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5 Things To Do Tonight Besides Netflix

5 Things To Do Tonight Besides Netflix

Maybe it's just me-but binging on Netflix when sunlight is still coming through the windows just doesn't feel right. Save the couch and Netflix for late night or rainy days and do something different. Here are 5 things you can do tonight, besides Netflix...

1) Board Games

It's been forever since you've dusted off Scrabble or Monopoly. You may even think you’re too old or too cool, but with a cocktail, plate of nachos or a group of your favorite people, game night is an absolute blast. Some tried and tested ideas:

2) Get Cooking

Sure, you make dinner every night, but let's get down and really cook. Break out the chef's hat, find the most complicated, delicious recipe on Google, and just do it. Or, dress up some of your favorite foods with a few fancy ingredients:

3) Long Read

All day long you collect tabs of articles you want to read. You read short snippets, half articles and headlines. We’ve lost our attention and are missing half of the info. Dedicate your evening to “long reading”, fully reading 2-3 articles that expand your mind. It might be difficult at first, and you’ll likely get distracted. But, if you can get through it, you’ll be so glad you did. Good tools for long reading:

4) Clean

You've probably been putting it off but we promise you'll feel so much better once you're done organizing, polishing and scrubbing. Maybe not the whole enchilada, but pick a few room goals. Clean out and organize your closet. Update your pantry. Wash your windows. Sound absolutely horrible?Add a glass of wine, put on some music, and have some fun.

5) Stretch

Even if you exercise you probably don’t stretch enough. Most of us sit all day, and 60 minutes of exercise doesn’t do enough to make up for this. Stretching is easy, relaxing and great for your muscles. Yoga is the perennial fave, but if that’s not for you, check out programs like ROMWOD or MobilityWod for videos and daily stretching routines.

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