Have You Heard Us Talk About Vibrant?

Every aspect of the Vibrant Bra was designed to support a women's body. When women wear it, they can't imagine going back to their old bra. Built to meet a commitment to "never wires, never toxins", the Vibrant Bra design took seven years and went through 132 designs and 211 prototypes. This attention to detail has produced a one-of-a-kind bra.

Health Is Resilience, Not Perfection

As humans, we’re just flawed. We’re always pressed between achieving the ideal and falling off course because our inner ids and egos have such strong pulls. Add to this our society — full of compromises, quick fixes, snake oils and conflicting information. There’s no way to be “perfect”. This applies to everything, especially healthy living. But you can be reslient, and that's what matters. 

Podcast: Are Millennials Healthy? 

Episode two of The Non-Toxic Podcast and we're getting funnier with each recording. Meet our intern, Michael, as he speaks on behalf of all millennial college students on the topic of health. The full spectrum: Green Doritos, darties, Bulletproof Coffee, microwaved eggs and toxic dark denim. 

We Podcast Now.... NBD

Our very first podcast! Bethany, Alissa and Chris introduce The Non-Toxic, a brand new podcast that discusses living a non-toxic life, with your body in mind. We’re covering everything from your nipples to your nodes and all the parts in between. 

The End Of Underwire

Women want supportive bras, but underwire is restrictive, it may increase breast cancer risk and it's being looked at for attracting radiation and electromagnetic frequencies. There are alternatives -- healthy bras that truly support a women's bodies.